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union, A discourse.

Our planet’s wellbeing relies heavily on the harmonization of the sacred polarities. The harmonious relationship between man & woman is a vital part to our unfolding. These are the primary seeds of life – how can we not understand how sacred and essential this relationship truly is? Please note that when I write about men and women in this prose, I do not mean to simplify the relationships that exist or gender. It is my personal understanding that all individuals hold the templates of both feminine and masculine energies. My intention is not to dismiss the value of all walks of life but instead to invite awareness on how the dialogue between opposites may lend itself to explore true union- not just with the self but with one another.

The consciousness of our planet is evolving, many of us have been journeying through the octaves of becoming more aware of the feminine and masculine polarities that we all embody. In the mainstream collective this is reflected by the increased unveiling of the gender spectrum that society never gave acknowledgement to. In the ascension world, this awareness is most specifically related to seeking realignment or healing through an inner balance of self. Ultimately, regardless of whether increased awareness is present or not many are very much still struggling with relating to ‘other’ as they identify it. Like everything in life – it is a fluid experience and much more complex than this prose will cover. Yet, regardless of the orientation of self, none are immune to being impacted with relating with the other ‘self’.

My universe is asking that I support others in how they are relating in their intimate partnerships, hence the inspiration to writing this narrative. This is coming up in my work, in my own sacred relationships as well as in the lives of my soul pod. I am noticing more and more that there seems to be an increased need for healthy boundaries as they profoundly support intimacy although at first glance the two concepts seem to contradict each other. This speaks to the increased acknowledgement that the only way one can support relating to another in a more authentic manner is by being radically authentic with oneself. I would also suggest that the radical acceptance of oneself is related to a cultivating a sense of union with the divine, the universe, or whatever form a higher orchestration where one can seek to experience oneself as a complex, multi- dimensional being beyond the boxes and the separation and with tremendous compassion & unconditional love. Basically, the swimming upstream, the challenging of everything that we have ever been taught with discernment & the ability to trust in & receive endless possibilities- what I have recently coined as ‘the both and’.

More questions arise than answers, but the questions support the need to relate beyond projection and attachment. The recent conversations that I witness and myself experience are potent reminders that indeed it is time; time for us all to honor each other, uplift one another and return to sovereignty. The bond between a man and woman is the most sacred act as LIFE stems from this very relationship. It is the manifestation of creation on this physical plane. It is vital for us to take full responsibility for ourselves, to understand the feminine and masculine principles that reside within each individual, & to practice authentic and vulnerable communication in order to move forward as ONE within unique & individual trajectories. This is not an easy task and yet it is so very essential.

Historically, there have been imbalances between the roles of men and women. Due to distortions of scriptures, cultural belief systems, & institutionalized disparities; men and women have fallen out of trust with one another. Those who have journeyed deeper have been shown that through time – both matriarchal and patriarchal societies underwent an extreme loss of balance- think Atlantis, & what is now known as Egypt. It is often mentioned that in Atlantis, the masculine, logical, action-oriented sphere was distorted through a solely scientific approach to existence while in ancient Egypt the opposite happened; the feminine, mystical, and energetic approach ultimately became a vortex of manipulation. It is a lengthy and rather complex discourse, yet the implications are profound. The disharmony of the macro over time has severed true union between the feminine and masculine internally and externally. There is a profound lack of trust that is supported through shame, guilt, and power struggles that are simply not sustainable if we were all to navigate from our high heart’s truth.

As we shift through the current ascension phase, authentic relationships are at center. In my humble opinion, regardless of where we are in the journey, authentic relating is the way we will pave the way to a New Eartha. This is a new template so to speak for the entire collective. It is a template that defies the structures that we have relied on to relate thus far- especially our masks. It is one that will specifically ask of us to work through our inner child wounds so that we can be in partnership without subconsciously asking our partners to do it for us. The answers just as the exploration of this are difficult to contextualize. As previously mentioned, there are often more questions to explore then responses to offer, this is unchartered territory! There is indeed a need to take this moment by moment and with person to person. We must recognize the various degrees that perception can take. I would argue that we can only lend ourselves to this excursion if we are working with ourselves in a most profound way. We must be willing to defy the known and move into the truth within our unknown. When I speak of truth, I am referring to true integration and not to distortions of our ego or our subconscious. The truth I am referring to is the one that exists in our being as we naturally are & yet simultaneously recognizes the transformative alchemy that is our very existence.

The following prompts are intended to expand the psyche. The pathway forward is for every individual to define and relies particularly on their unique fractal. I can affirm that conscious relationships mean just that; moving and connecting in a conscious manner- beyond entitlement, beyond loyalty contracts, beyond the way of this world as we know it. Divine union is so precious and so profound- as most things it does not look the way we expected. Finding this within ourselves is our birthright once one does; finding it with another is the ultimate invitation.

Prompts worth exploring…

Are you willing to explore the complexities of your own being in a raw and profound way?

Are you willing to accept that no one outside of you will meet you where you are not willing to meet yourself?

Are you willing to understand that we are fluid beings that constantly change and you nor the other is immune to this?

Are you willing to create the boundaries that sustain your truth beyond your romanticized notions of love, commitment, and duty?

Are you willing to consider that the ‘right’ thing to do is not always the space where truth resides?

Are you willing to face and embrace your shadows until they are no longer your shadows but instead the pathway to your liberation?

Are you willing to accept that people are not homes nor the place where true security lies?

Are you willing to take full responsibility for your own being?

Are you willing to unconditionally fall in love with yourself so that you can honor the unconditional love that another has for themselves?

Are you willing to relate without attachment/possession/manipulation?

Are you willing to speak authentically with respect & reverence?

Are you willing to remove the masks and be completely vulnerable?

Are you willing to honor your truth & liberate yourself from the security of the old?

Are you willing to embark on the new, walking stoic, naked & raw?

Lastly, are you willing to accept that you are actually worthy?


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