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I am DaNu'

My priestess name; it came to me as I laid in the bath preparing myself to do the transmission actually intended to birth my name. The transmission offered by my beloved teachers of the Priestess of the Rose. I rested in the warmth waters sinking into what felt like being in the womb of the primordial mother. The softness of this beautiful element water caressing my naked as I stared deeply into the fire of the candle lit before me.

In the silence, I heard soft whispers of a concise and specific sound being sung into my being repeatedly. I intuitively knew that this was my priestess name. It was a whisper I couldn't question, the word repeating vibrating energetically with a soft melody over and over again. I knew then that I need not do any transmission but as usual with my rational mind I questioned. I chose to do the transmission attempting to ignore what had happened in the bath. I proceeded to do so but I could not fully surrender. The name kept vibrating through me and I full of unrest I could not sink in deep enough into the state of meditation to receive otherwise.

Frustrated with my restlessness, I turned to google to do some on the surface research. I looked into the name as it was one that I had never heard before; the information that I came across was beautiful yet I did not quite feel at home with it. I left it alone for several days annoyed with myself for not receiving, for questioning and ultimately for getting in my own way. I ignored the topic for several days until was able to pretend that nothing had unfolded and I could to a full reset. Once the experience was but a distant memory, I decided to do the transmission again. My intention was to experience it with with a hyper focus- creating a sacred space that would support this but the short and foreign name was still all I felt across.

DANU, who is known on the surface as the triple Goddess, mother of the primordial waters, mother of the gods & goddesses, & as mother of the ancient Fairy tribes & alleged mother of Tuatha Dé Danann was what had come to me. It was a name whose sound offered grace as I both heard it and as it left in song from my lip yet still it simply did not seem to be mine! The resistance was paramount, I questioned the cultural connection, I questioned the worthiness of my being for something so ancient and beloved the Earth, I questioned even the idea of having a priestess name!

I could not fathom myself as a being so deeply connected to the magikal sacredness of our great Mother Gaia. I as a cosmic being have always felt so foreign to her beautiful shores. Yet, I also could not deny the innocent bliss when I connected to rivers, to the seas, to the many bodies of nature that I had previously visited and held deep reverence for yet did not ever feel like I knew enough of. More than anything, I could not deny the Lemurian codes that sparkled within my cell as I sunk deeper into the names knowing. The same codings that for many years were my solace in what I felt was foreign territory. Lemuria was the ancient civilization that I knew myself to be a part of. I wanted to embrace but felt I did not know enough. So I continued on with my search and ironically the deeper I searched the more obscure the name became as there is indeed little to no trace of the existence of this sacred being & this is exactly where the true magik unfolded.

I came across a title that spoke of Danu as the flowing cosmic waters and this seemed to land something true in me. As a young maiden, I had written a prose that read something such as the “minute you stencil me into a particular paradigm you lose the essence of my being” – these words are indeed a deep knowing of my personal essence. This sudden remembrance led me to feel the many layers of this sacred Priestess Goddess name- that which is known of, that which is unknown, that which challenges me to connect to realms within me I have long forgotten, that which is undefined, limitless and absolutely true to the heart & soul and yet not the mind. That which is quite grounding for this ethereal being!

This internal experience led me to external connections where the essence of Danu claimed itself more and more. As I chanted my name into the ocean, the waters themselves gifted me wealth from the depths of her body and where I was led to do my closing ceremony the hidden waters of Spring rivers I had never previously been to, witnessed my birthing. There are truths that could never be sustained within the logical mind. There are expressions that will forever remain pure and untouched by logic, there is an essence that could never be distorted or confined. There is a language that is silent and only found in the hearts knowing.

Art by Anandi

& now I know that in not knowing is where my light shines bright- to be beyond what is grasped is itself my anchor.

DANU, I am’.

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