DoUBle Helix, DraGonz’

& So I JOURNEYED To a Deep CaVe’ & ConnECteD To ThE WhOlE oF Me. Because of my Priestess of the Rose curriculum, I journeyed with beloved Ameya’s Dragon transmission; which indeed was the same day that I came across the 64 Dakini’s oracle of the Phoenix that I then posted on my Instagram feed, I later realized that there was a grand fire trine unfolding in the cosmos and much later came across the news that this was also the same night of the Notre Dame fire. I had yet to piece it all together but I intuitively knew that it was the right time... I created sacred space for the transmission at night & the first thing that I caught in my mind’s eye was a beautiful dragon I already knew as Vlad  |  Tel: 1 (347) 967-2440

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