DoUBle Helix, DraGonz’

& So I JOURNEYED To a Deep CaVe’ & ConnECteD To ThE WhOlE oF Me.

Because of my Priestess of the Rose curriculum, I journeyed with beloved Ameya’s Dragon transmission; which indeed was the same day that I came across the 64 Dakini’s oracle of the Phoenix that I then posted on my Instagram feed, I later realized that there was a grand fire trine unfolding in the cosmos and much later came across the news that this was also the same night of the Notre Dame fire. I had yet to piece it all together but I intuitively knew that it was the right time...

I created sacred space for the transmission at night & the first thing that I caught in my mind’s eye was a beautiful dragon I already knew as Vladimir. He was asleep and there was someone standing above him with a dark hood and beaming blue light in the heart space. (I now understand that this was me cloaked as I have been told I carry the blue star within me that is the seed of my cosmic home). He soon awoke and we flew into the sky. I was taken by him to Lemuria. Vladimir is a very sweet and loving dragon; his essence is pristine and full of much compassion. He has come to me in the past but I knew not of his significance to my personal journey. All I knew was his name and that he is platinum white silver like color and wears a stone of Lapis Lazuli around his neck that matches the color of his eyes. He looked exactly this way the first time I had visions of him. When I saw him again I wondered if he truly was my dragon as I had failed to make that intimate connection before. I saw Lemuria in the majesty of her green with a beautiful tall mountain peak that glowed, the land surrounded by an expansive body of water; I flew around with Vladimir in the sky above and felt my body full of sparkles and tingly sensations until I drifted into sleep.

The following morning, I awoke grateful for the experience but I somehow uncomfortable, feeling as if I had not done it quite “right.” I was restless about it & couldn’t help but question; what exactly I did not know but either way it led me to want to journey again and so I did: this time under the rays of the sun.

This journey was the one that made me come to tears & helped me bridge what I thought was not making sense. In this journey, I was taken yet again to the very same landscape, I felt Vladimir but I could not quite see him. Instead, of coming from the air as I had the night before I was on foot in the direction of the beautiful mountain I had seen when I came across a cave, one that was deep and completely covered by crystals that looked like Vivianite, a deep crystal green that resembles the color of chlorophyll and algae … the cave itself was made of this crystal completely it sparkled of it and as I journeyed deeper I came across a beautiful large black dragon who too was sleeping. She opened her eyes as I walk towards her and her eyes matched the color of the cave. She was so powerful in her presence and yet I realized that there were chains around her beautiful paws. It was bizarre because I knew she could have released herself from them with her strength. I was so sad and then it dawned on me. I was the one who placed them there- I tearfully removed them liberating her from that part of myself that feared such power. I hugged her, we saluted each other at the brow – she shared her name, Shekinah and then flew me into the sky- in my vision I started experiencing her shape shift back and forth with Vladimir, I saw them both at one point with the same body and two different heads, until finally I saw them each in their own majesty.

Shekinah and Vladimir both FREE!

I awoke and immediately my rational mind began to do her thing & I wondered could it be possible that I journey with two dragons? Could this be “allowed” or even real? (Yes, this doubt that is such a relentless habit knowing all too well there is no exact template, lol) When I came back home that evening, I noticed the double headed serpent I had just days before placed on my altar. One that my daughter who I have named Ixchel Inanna, just three days prior had gone into the room and gifted me, it was a necklace she used to play with and said, “here mommy you should wear this now, ” instead I chose to lay it on my Pink rose altar. When I made this connection, I smiled as I noticed my tattoo and recal