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My heart speaks of stories untold, visions of a different life, oneness with the divine. My heart speaks of magic, dances with the moon and flirts throughout the night with a million stars, one at a time. My heart speaks of love, weaves joy into the journey that is my life; visions of nightingales, fairies & translucent butterflies. My heart speaks of miracles and dreams; the laughter of children playing beneath the vastness of the bluest sky. My heart speaks of dark caves, those wounded places that gives birth to my inner light. My heart speaks of honey sweetness and decorates the flesh of my lover; peacock feathers decorating my bed side. My heart speaks of wisdom, my inner child, adorning


I undressed myself, stared with intensity at the majesty of my beloved creation, looked even closer, the veil just thin enough, and noticed deep vulnerability & the traces of imperfection. I undressed myself, saw the stardust glistening on the naked of my skin and within the many layers of my existence, noticed the eclipsed expressions hidden beneath the superficiality I was once told to reign in. I undressed myself and with the gentleness of the sweetest lover bathed in the nectar of love, compassion and innocent curiosity. Like a child, enticed by the unknown I submersed myself deeply, into those orphaned parts of my being. I undressed myself and crawled into my own embrace, finding that m

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