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Intuitive Transformation

Remembrance is not about creating a god/desS outside of you

it is about experiencing that you are one with creator/iX

Light tonez known to some as the language of light offers vibrational frequencies as a unique method of harmonization. It is an attuning that alchemizes and brings into divine alignment the distorted self with one's original DNA blueprint. It will support the release of karmic patterns & all forms of distortions through genetic de-coding.

The frequencies assist the true Self to exist in divine union, sovereign empowerment, and conscious awareness.  There is so much to this modality that cannot be described in language and only felt by the soul's resonance. It would be a disservice to try to qualify its form. The magik lies in a purification of sorts. It is an opening to and  an activation of the divine remembrance that is organic & true to the original self.


 These sessions are all guided by the essence of love & Spirit! 

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