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Beloved, my highest calling is to offer you divine remembrance. There is no other relationship worthier of your devotion than thy own relationship with self.   I beckon you to become whole again through the sacred exploration of your inner cosmos & the transformative power of self- love. I will intuitively guide you to remember that you are indeed, the beloved.  Know thyself.’



"Ishtar gets right to the core of where to nurture the soul and spirit in the areas in which awareness may be lacking, activating a higher knowledge within the client or recipient so they too may move to a higher place of awareness and knowledge. She is an intricate part of the ascension process for anyone looking for guidance from someone who knows what they are doing as a guide."



Ishtar Gonzalez

Riverdale, Bronx NY  |  Tel: 1 (347) 967-2440
One free 20 minute consultation for all new resonant souls

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