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Beloved, my highest calling is to offer you divine remembrance. There is no other relationship worthier of your devotion than thy own relationship with self.   I beckon you to become whole again through the sacred exploration of your inner cosmos & the transformative power of self- love. I will intuitively guide you to remember that you are indeed, the beloved.  Know thyself.’



"I am so grateful for Luminous Magik (Ishtar) as she supported me with the intuitive guidance and clarity I needed in order to understand my worth and speak my truth. Her Ascension package reignited my desire to reconnect with my remembrance. She is a radiant light worker who provides a safe and supportive space in order for one to establish fundamental practices that will prepare the mind, body and soul for ascension. Her background in psychotherapy and spirituality is evident in her practice and the tools that she provides. Not only did her grace and knowledge inspire me to break barriers and view things from eye opening perspectives, but she also encouraged me to feel empowered in my journey of healing! I am honored to have worked with Ishtar and look forward to future opportunities to dive deeper into embodying my highest self. " 



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Ishtar Gonzalez

5425 Valles Avenue
Riverdale, Bronx NY  |  Tel: 1 (347) 967-2440
One free 20 minute consultation for all new resonant souls

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