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Intuitive Therapy for

the Ascending Soul

Hello beloved,

My name is Ishtar and I am delighted to connect with you through this virtual medium.

I have always had an eclectic perspective on life.  My work is reflective of  this, it is a myriad of expressions that have intrigued my personal senses, shaped my journey & continue to inspire me. Native of Venezuela, I migrated to the East Coast as a young child after a prophetic dream that led my parents to courageously venture into the unknown. My parents were gnostics- seekers of truth and I was brought up with a reverent understanding that the universe was a perfect mathematical orchestration held by an absolute consciousness called love.  The language of the esoteric world, the transformational potential we all hold, and the power of the divine within us were not foreign concepts to me. However, it was the benevolence of the divine coupled with my actual life experience that brought these concepts to life within me and inspired me to guide others to their own  liberated embodiment.  


My path was the classroom and like no other teacher would; it led me to the grace that until it was divinely timed, remained a pretty word. The unique perils of my earth walk, the disillusionments and the loss of innocence that followed; all woven with love by the hands of God.desS were the initiations that carried the echoes of my parents guidance from a cognitive understanding into a profound knowing. As poetic as it sounds, it was far from romantic. It was life, a human experience full of challenges that only made my soul reach deeper into seeking more. 

As reflected in my natal chart, I have always had an  inherent need for diversity and the  delight in discovering a world unknown always inspired my curious mind and so I followed  the sounds, the colors, the culture and the many flavors of existence that enticed me. The city of New York was the landscape that captured, aroused & captivated my senses. Much like a butterfly, I explored with delight the diverse panorama of culture, music, theology, communities, philosophies and relationships that ultimately led me to reaching beyond my perceived reality. I always felt like there was more and my seeking was due to my inquisitive mind but also due to a heartfelt void that I simply could not fill. 


I graduated with a Masters in Clinical Social Work in 2006 from New York University after turning away from pursuing a Phd in Anthropology. I had a deep desire to serve humanity and I was called to do so in a more intimate way. Anthropology fascinated me but it was not the canvas that I was meant to work on. My restless soul knew that there was more to us all that met the eye. I was called to work intimately with others and would ultimately be mesmerized with how I could experience each person as a complete universe and more so begin to understand their individual stories as reflections of universal laws. The cycles of death and rebirth were so apparent and I recognized human suffering was a portal for expansion. Our experiences were part of a bigger whole, a sacred geometry that was found in nature but also found in our own psyche and paths. 


In 2008, I experienced divine remembrance and the sacred downloads that were bestowed to me were vast and multi dimensional. These initial experiences along with recollected ancient gifts, extensive clinical studies,  and ongoing spiritual initiations have all fused into what I offer today. I say that my practice is an oasis for transformation because my clients are met through the eyes of divine love and are guided towards recognizing their journey as a metamorphosis that is alive and constant. They are reminded that the unconditional love and compassion that is brought to each stage of transformation becomes the elixir to walk one’s  labyrinth with grace. 

The void that I sought to fulfill with external aspects was really echoing a profound separation within myself as is the case with the clients I have supported throughout my career. The blueprints are unique and yet we are all part of the whole.  Indeed, my ego has shattered into different hues time and time again. My perceived reality has continued to explode and crumble at the most unexpected of times. Yet, although the discomfort of becoming fragmented glass is profound, the remnants will always lead to what is prismatic, crystalline and true within. This is the eternal dance for us all. In time, the void in separation is replaced with the whole in divine union. It is fated.  


My weaving is a noble offering of divine remembrance through the trinity of the ever expansive ONE heart.  I am grateful to journey by intuitively guiding others through the disillusionment of what they are not into the expansiveness of all that they have always truly been. It is indeed an honor to my sacred heart. 



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