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IntuitiveTherapy for
the Ascending Soul

Hello beloved,

My name is Ishtar and I am delighted to connect with you through this virtual medium.

I am ONE  of many Christed pillars of light embodying the Solar crystalline  higher dimensional frequencies on Gaia and fated to assist others in their own reUNION. My soul purpose is to support the collective in the journey of awakening. No two journeys look the same. Each individual embodies their own unique conversation with the universe and as the multi- dimensional being that I know myself to be,  I hold a true understanding of what this means. It is indeed the unique blueprint of my service. 

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I sense beyond language and my compassion meets you where your heart resides.

In brief, I am gifted with subtle intuitive knowing and am versed in speaking your souls' expression. It is no secret that the pilgrimage that we are all on can be arduous at times but it is aligned with divine purpose and it is all meant to assist us in evolving and in manifesting our embodied heaven on earth and that of our future generations. Indeed, my soul is ancient and I have  ascended several times before. Yet, I have chosen to be here as an avatar; to forget so that I could again remember and assist through my own discernment in the massive awakening that has already taken off for the collective. 

I am a psychotherapist (LCSW) who earned her masters’ degree from New York University in 2006. I have been actively working with children, adolescents and adults in this field for 13 years. I am also a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. I was licensed in 2013 at Goldenbridge, New York City. Prior to this training, in 2008 I experienced what I like to call divine remembrance.

Since then I have worked diligently in  supporting others in aligning with their personal ascension conversation, all the while experiencing a series of profoundly challenging initiations that have led me to my gnosis, my sovereignty and the remembrance of being an ancient ray of LighT as well as a high priestess in the order of the RoSe. 

Currently, I reside with my beloved daughter, Ixchel Inanna and  am still actively working in the communities I have always served. My aim there remains the same, to  empower the youth through much needed compassion and advocacy. Luminous Magik is woven for the seekers, the mystics, the ones embodying the seeds of the new Eartha. However, know that   regardless of the space my soul’s calling remains the same; I AM here to ignite the remembrance of divine love and to weave unity in all beings.



The session arrived at a perfect time when my body had been feeling unbalanced. I felt a shift almost immediately as Ishtar guided me through a visualization to a place that was foreign but still felt like home. At one point, my body was warming up as I felt connected to the fire element. This element I feel connected to the most. The vibrations were mostly felt through my heart chakra, I remember feeling gentle tugs, and then my root and crown chakra. I felt deeply emotional to the point of tears when the energy moved through my womb area. 


Days later and I feel some lightness because I feel like I have tapped into a part of myself that I felt I have forgotten for such a long time. I feel so grateful to Ishtar for the way she held space during this session. 


—  C.R.

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