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Intuitive Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy Sessions Encoded In Light

We are often engaging in life through the means that we have been taught by all of those who have come before us.  Life has become a perpetual cycle where bliss, peace, harmony, and all of the other facets that make life worth living seem to escape us more and more.  Instead, we are trapped in depression, anxiety, distrust, judgment and more often than not our physical temples are suffering.  Collectively, a shift in perception is needed. This starts with the individual.  In truth, no one should ever claim to know all the answers and I don’t.  However, I will indeed claim that true guidance will always call you inward. You are the center of your universe. If you do not have self –awareness; if you do not bask in your own love, if you are running on autopilot and have no INNERstanding-  the world around you will reflect this. Your life is your classroom it is perfectly woven to bring you back to you. No exceptions. Take the time to be in relationship with self and know that all else will follow.

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Available Services:

Opening; Complimentary Session


20 Minute Phone Consultation to assess your individual intentions & needs.


In gratitude for your interest in services offered by Luminous Magik;  complimentary consultations are offered with the intention to connect, assess intentions & needs as well as explore our mutual resonance.

Intuitive Psychotherapy

Ongoing traditional psychotherapy sessions that are infused with a myriad of metaphysical tools to support transformation on a holistic level.  Clients are met cohesively on a psychological, emotional, physical, and energetic level. 

45- 60 minute Individual & Collateral virtual sessions.


Private pay, In Network Insurance Accepted, Superbills provided for out of network clients. 



Trauma Resolution Energy Therapy


Ongoing therapeutic sessions that are geared toward resolving & releasing trauma through the natural healing mechanism of the mind & body.   Clients are met with a researched based transformative tool to heal emotional wounds, triggers,  negative beliefs and sensations held in the subconscious. 


45-60 Minute Individual sessions.


Private pay, In Network Insurance Accepted, Superbills provided for out of network clients. 

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Luminous Magik, Intuitive Energy Healing sessions are not intended to replace any existing medical, psychological, nutritional or other health protocols that you are currently observing. Instead, these sessions are meant to supplement your current health practices.


I, Ishtar Gonzalez, am not a Medical Doctor.  Any sessions I have with you are not intended to diagnose, treat, alleviate, cure, or prevent any medical, psychological, or nutritional condition, disease, or disorder.  My work is not a substitute for effective standard medical treatment.  You are advised to continue ongoing medical treatment and therapies until otherwise advised by your physician or medical practitioner.  Your use of this site indicates your agreement of understanding this disclaimer and are bound by that agreement.


For any medical problems, please see your primary care physician.


All services are non-refundable. 


Please understand that the scheduled time of your appointment was solely reserved for you. If cancellation  or rescheduling of an appointment is needed please inform me 72 hours prior to your appointment. If you cancel your appointment prior to the 72-hour grace period, another appointment will be scheduled for you. All payments, once made, are non-transferable and non-refundable. Your payment is your contract for the agreed upon sessions. Please plan carefully to avoid disappointment.

Image by Mona Eendra
Prior to connecting with Ishtar I had been in therapy for about 15 years, and I felt like I had hit a wall. Once we started having regular sessions, her intuitive nature guided  me to see myself in a different light, and I slowly started to shed the dark layers that I was hiding behind. During our sessions she meets me wherever I am spiritually, mentally, and emotionally speaking and welcomes all of me with unconditional love and compassion. 

Being able to work with someone who’s so intuitive is the biggest blessing that I never knew I needed. She can sense what my heart and soul need at the moment of our sessions, she holds space for however I am feeling, and she invites questions, which usually become journal prompts, that really make you reflect and dive deeper into your thoughts and emotions.

 Her guidance has been an invaluable instrument that’s helped me release old trauma and awaken the vibrant me that was so eager to come out. I look forward to every session we have and I highly recommend Ishtar to anyone and everyone who is open and willing to receive some great medicine for the heart, mind, and soul.


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