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I undressed myself, stared with intensity at the majesty of my beloved creation, looked even closer, the veil just thin enough, and noticed deep vulnerability & the traces of imperfection.

I undressed myself, saw the stardust glistening on the naked of my skin and within the many layers of my existence, noticed the eclipsed expressions hidden beneath the superficiality I was once told to reign in.

I undressed myself and with the gentleness of the sweetest lover bathed in the nectar of love, compassion and innocent curiosity. Like a child, enticed by the unknown I submersed myself deeply, into those orphaned parts of my being.

I undressed myself and crawled into my own embrace, finding that my beauty and grace, traces of Aphrodite; were the gifts born of all my hurts, my pains and sacrifices.

I undressed myself and with my angel touch grabbed my dark sister by the hand. So mesmerized was I and in awe of her strength, her power I could barely speak her name.

I undressed myself, ever more aware of my galactic lineage and the crescent moon that glistens through my brow. I honored the perfectly intricate snake skins that what no longer was my other, majestically had shed for my radiant shine time after time.

I undressed myself, rooted my delicate feet deeply into Eartha, held my eyes & wings up unto the cosmic universe & witnessed my heart explode into endless dances of Christos light.

And it was in this moment, I stood, a pillar of truth, naked only to the common man and pledged to wear YOUR crown… the Magnum Opus of SOURCE.

My CREATOR, CREATIX, the All- the nameless one… to you I bow my HEART & SOUL…my SOVEREIGN Whole.


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