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The ParaDox that iS FreeDom'

Freedom, a shared desire that vibrates stronger & stronger in each individual. It speaks of an existence that for many deems foreign and often impossible as per the trials that have been collectively experienced. The challenges that are endured have left humanity in trauma & distortion- these challenges have imprinted programs in the consciousness that have manifested what is now by many referred to as the matrix; an organized system that keeps us in shackles under the illusion of security and control. The fear of experiencing that which we judge wrong keep us from the love that truly does protect us from all things. There is a fixed enmeshment with this man-made reality that profoundly disconnects all from truth and from the vibration that is unconditional love, which indeed emanates in every sparkle of an eye, every speck of sand, every Tsunami & every other materialized construct within the infinite universes that exist.

Whether it is due to an orchestrated amnesia or the seeds of ignorance; all have been vulnerable to a false power that is the influence of the mind; the very thing that breeds separation, illusion, & fear. Throughout history - religious, scientific, industrial & social movements have all moved beyond the natural and organic. This has been coined as evolution, however without the heart leading the way instead it has all undoubtedly altered our ability to truly see ourselves as part of a whole. Ironically, the true deception lies is in believing that any of the mentioned has ever kept anyone or anything outside of totality.

Divine union is not a choice but an absolute truth that can only be experienced through the liberation of the small self. Ironically, the liberation that is sought already has been given. Yet, the delusions have become the reality that is unconsciously chosen & yet not real at all. Faith is a word that has been often misunderstood- it is known as believing in or trusting that an outside force may or may not meet your intended desire. This notion of faith is a diluted interpretation to the vitality in which the word truly resides. Faith is the embodiment of union, not ever limited to the concepts of our mind yet instead an enlightened expression of the union with the source of all that is. Enlightened meaning conscious awareness of the small self as well as the Self that is unconditionally loved as part of the whole. The paradox can be hard to grasp – it defies all things defined and the status quo. Yet, this is the only liberation that can ever truly exist and it is the one that paves the way for all beings to be held in freedom.

The field beyond right and wrong as my lover Rumi would say truly does exist. We were born beyond the limitations and the endless, constraints & yet we all end up in shackles forgetting the value of our primal state that is boundless creative expression with no limits- this of course including death. There is an emancipation held for all by the mathematical perfection that are the universes, all suffering breeds from not feeling worthy of this and being attached to that which we believe is our identity and yet is never our true nature. Divine union is within every breath we take, we need only provide the space for it to bloom the way a flower unfolds in the Spring; petal by petal not worried about the contours of its shape. She simply becomes its full radiant state with focused intention allotted to her by her very existence and the most subtle of expressions that derive from her simply being. Its vibrancy trusts it does not fear decay nor does it try to manipulate the direction or the speed in which it will flourish. Without knowing she embraces the pure fluid state that by default is all existence.

Words themselves are limited by definition; sages know that true remembrance could never be taught as it is not found in thought but truly in experience. It is the human nature to be curious and to continue to seek but when you finally recognize there is nothing to be sought you cannot help but wonder why do we waist the canvas on riddles and not give ourselves the full permission to enjoy life as an indefinite experience with no purpose other than the being? The heart holds the answers, the pathways, the resolutions that need not be discovered as they there always there offered unconditionally by the infinite.

Questions worth giving a ponder…

How does fear filter your reality?

How does your mind entrap you outside of each moment?

How does control offer you solace?

How does what you think you know enable your suffering?

How does innocence speak in your current reality?

How does radical rebellion offer you embodiment?

How does faith show up in your existence?

How does your soul relate to your body?

How does divine union speak in your hearts knowing?

How does freedom feel when relating solely to your identity?


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