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Pranayam & My father'

The first person to ever teach me alternate nostril breathing was my father, I was in high school. It was one of the very few times that I could remember him taking me to school. Although at the time, I didn’t get it. In truth, I felt rather silly trying to practice with him (one eye open making sure no one saw our version of weird) as we sat waiting for the school doors to open; yet I engaged as I tend to do when he is trying to teach me something.

My father is gnosis- he is a teacher, a healer, a guide. Honestly so much more & one of the most brilliant men I have ever known; although these truths don’t’ keep me from having my own unique set of daddy issues. I will forever be grateful for the array of teachings I have gathered from him. In my hearts knowing- beyond his human being- his soul has been a great gift & this is why I have always chosen to at least listen. Whether or not I got it in the moment, his intention was felt. Our 'spiritual' talks have always been a way in which we experience a deeper connection with each other. Today, I smile at seeing how much I have followed in his footsteps without even holding this in my awareness. I can’t help but admit that this apple has not fallen far from his tree & that now I genuinely love our weird.

I share this brief insight because it is deeply connected to my experience in the Yeshua temple of the Priestess of the Rose mystical curriculum and how I am assisting in welcoming the divine masculine by forgiving the masculine that we have all known. I don’t just mean the other as reflected in my more intimate and tender relationship with my father as of late but more so the parts of myself that I had learned to abandon because the miseducation of this reality. This reunion within my being has not only led to a deeper embodiment of self but it has also given me the ability to feel safe as I break from so many of my self -imposed limitations. I feel safe in my being & not because the world has changed or because fear is no longer a constant teacher of mine but more so because with every season that passes, I am merging my polarities more & more. If you have yet to discover this; seek to understand that INTEGRATION IS KEY. Through unconditional love and compassion this is the gift that is available to us all.

All this to share that in the midst of so much magik related to Cristos, the violet flame, & the Merkaba that I have been travelling through, I received a rather potent download that presents as increasingly important for us all.

Simplicity & the profound need to intimately connect with our breath.

Sounds simple enough right? Not so so much, the majority of us aren't even close to truly receiving the blessing that is Prana. Myself included. My own spirit had to remind me of how long it has been trying to catch my attention aka the sudden flashback of me sitting outside of my school with my father those eons ago!

So I invite you... turn the screen off & go dive into the depths of your sacred breath!

1982- Valencia, Venezuela

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