Art By: Kris Davidson

Christ consciousness includes the all. Since I was but a child I have always cringed at the force of separation. I had always been resistant to theology not because of scriptures but because of the way the ego mind interpreted them. I remember not ever being able to comprehend a god that did not include the whole. I intuitively knew that there was more. As a cherub, I was not aware that we ourselves were godly; I only knew what my heart could not allow.

A decade ago, I was bestowed the grace of source and shown through the eyes of the divine that separation was but a thing of the mind. The expression of love that coursed through my knowing, through every molecule of my DNA, through my inhale and through my exhale was so potent that in truth I had not an ounce of fear within my being. In this innocence, beyond the veils of separation I wove what I understood were fields of compassion. I was taken to highs that I could never describe with even the most magikal of words. My only intention was to share the truth of transcendence and I planted seeds of love and acceptance wherever I would go.

However, the wisdom of un-high eventually led me to visit the roots of deep below. Through the sacred spiral of existence and the embodiment of as above so below, I was in many ways completely & utterly dismembered. I travelled through the world of shadow and experienced so much separation. Time and time again, I deeply ached and felt so hopeless that it would only be the faint memory of what I was gifted then that kept me going.

In time, I understood that this was the medicine; my very life was the micro of a much larger unfolding and through my own divine love so much was being transmuted. In truth, the lessons of separation led me to more unity. Today I stand in a humble balance, vibrating through my duality in my awakened state as I have been led to understand the true meaning of the double helix, our inner serpent. I have been shown so much about our collective being that I have often only remained quiet. Understanding the ultimate wisdom of the universe all the while experiencing the limitations of my human, I walked a humble path and remained subtle in my expressions of my knowing.

Many times, I thought I was lost or that I had fallen. However, the universe would always in her sacred manner remind me of my previous learning. So I trusted, vigilantly watching my unfolding and trusting in that of all the others. I was fortified and led to honor boundaries I naively did not know were needed. I am wiser and can now recognize the extent of our multi- dimensionality.

Today the world continues to shift dramatically, so many are coming into awareness and diligently working on weaving new realities for our existence. It is something being propelled by the grace of the universe although many are just feeling a call to make the world a better place. I bow to each, who in their own unique blue print extends themselves to do so. I only ask that we remember that all is in vain if we continue to engage in separation. As mentioned, boundaries are needed but if fear is what guides you to them instead of compassionate love then you really need to go both higher and deeper. If you are still in segregation, replacing race, gender, status quo with levels of consciousness then you are only re-fueling what was under different labels. I know that to live through Christos is something that takes much clearing and healing. I know that for some it is completely foreign while for others it is home. My na