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The Hand of Godess'

Magikal Wombman, your journey is one that comes with great strife. Take heart my beauty, take heart. It is not a cruel joke of the universe, it is not that the goddess has forgotten you, it is not that you aren’t worthy of the blissful love you offer the world. It is not any of these things beloved child of god. Your passage is one of strife because great fortitude is needed. It is the only way sweet one; it is the only way to build our new Eartha. You are the creatrix; you and only you can carry the magnitude of this new life. You are being prepared; you are being offered the medicine that is needed to feed the cherubs of tomorrow magnificent one. I promise you. You are yet to see the whole of it but your heart feels and understands it so. Trust in the subtle whispers of your soul being. Know that you are being cleansed, purified, and released of all that is not you. The purging, oh’ how it aches, I know. Yet, you are held, you are embraced though you may not always think it. The mother sees for you, she will not abandon you dear one. You are weary only of that which is no longer fitting. Trust the unfolding luminous one, trust that you are growing and soon when the timing is ripe you will glow, you will know the way and you will guide the others. It is you the hand of goddess that will weave the new day. ~IshtaR

Art by: Cian Rhys

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