The UnKnoWn

We are all at the precipice, looking beyond the horizon, squinting deeply into our souls and trying to find our true way.

Where do we go from here?

What is this new frontier all about?

We are seeking for answers that no one has yet to devise. The formulas are new and puzzling. Formulas that insist we expand from our levels of awareness; formulas that negate our limited knowing and push us to use our wild imaginations. Formulas that frighten us because we are all sitting within mathematical equations that question our collective logic.

The perplexity of it is rather acute and here we are left without a choice but to throw parameters and the fixed knowing out. It is all expired; its stench is something we cannot ignore. Our frustrations, our stress, our anxiety, our anger, our depression, and our vices they are all knocking loudly from our subconscious doors. Showing us the decay of how we have known to live our lives. There is no space for pretense, we are feeling it all. The only answer left is that we simply do not know.

We thought we knew it all.

Yet, what we have known and have previously set in stone is now as fleeting as the wind that caresses our skin.

You may want to attach, you may want to find a home in your spiritual path, in a lover, in your careers. Still with time you realize these homes are as trivial as the belief systems that suffocate your existence. Yes, trivial. Not because there aren’t part of your existence, only because in the expansive picture YOUR EXISTENCE CANNOT BE DEFINED. In case you didn’t get the memo, we are expanding/evolving/ ascending and we are doing so without a rule book, without the carpet for the magic ride. Yet, it is most definitely happening. No longer a question of belief, it only takes awareness.

Your truth in every second of every moment is the only true home; it is one that has no struct