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The UnKnoWn

We are all at the precipice, looking beyond the horizon, squinting deeply into our souls and trying to find our true way.

Where do we go from here?

What is this new frontier all about?

We are seeking for answers that no one has yet to devise. The formulas are new and puzzling. Formulas that insist we expand from our levels of awareness; formulas that negate our limited knowing and push us to use our wild imaginations. Formulas that frighten us because we are all sitting within mathematical equations that question our collective logic.

The perplexity of it is rather acute and here we are left without a choice but to throw parameters and the fixed knowing out. It is all expired; its stench is something we cannot ignore. Our frustrations, our stress, our anxiety, our anger, our depression, and our vices they are all knocking loudly from our subconscious doors. Showing us the decay of how we have known to live our lives. There is no space for pretense, we are feeling it all. The only answer left is that we simply do not know.

We thought we knew it all.

Yet, what we have known and have previously set in stone is now as fleeting as the wind that caresses our skin.

You may want to attach, you may want to find a home in your spiritual path, in a lover, in your careers. Still with time you realize these homes are as trivial as the belief systems that suffocate your existence. Yes, trivial. Not because there aren’t part of your existence, only because in the expansive picture YOUR EXISTENCE CANNOT BE DEFINED. In case you didn’t get the memo, we are expanding/evolving/ ascending and we are doing so without a rule book, without the carpet for the magic ride. Yet, it is most definitely happening. No longer a question of belief, it only takes awareness.

Your truth in every second of every moment is the only true home; it is one that has no structure, one that is pulsated by your innate and primal drive, one that is neither right nor wrong, and one that only your transcendent heart can speak of.

I reiterate. No one knows.

Not you. Not I. Not the ones that have paved the way before.

We are at the threshold of the unknown.

This can elicit fear, the ambiguity of existing this way is so liberating that we don’t know how to handle it. We are afraid of our desires and our own passions. We are deeply entrenched in the ideas of right or wrong. We have been fixed in separation. Regret, shame, and resentment the list goes on and on. True liberation comes with a price and the price is not having anything or anyone to answer to.

We have all sought liberation but we don’t’ feel quite ready. It’s quite the spacious space to fill. So we question and we seek answers that do not exist and this not knowing creates nostalgia for what keeps you in limitation. To be free is a radical experience and it’s also quite uncomfortable to the limited mind.

Just a friendly reminder, there is no perfect mathematical equation for the riddle that is life. The only thing that is certain is this present moment and the pervasive truth, that you are alive. You exist. Yes, we may understand that it is Maya, but it is a dream that we are collectively walking through and constantly making choices for.

Until recently, these choices were all stemming from the known but now these choices are being asked to come through from the unknown.

How does that feel to you? Do you feel like an orphaned child or are you ignited by the exhilaration of it all. Maybe it is both, simultaneously?

The wholeness of your experience is valid. Drop the facade.

Most of what we want is not in our knowing. It is in our feeling. Yet, because of our knowing we always constrict what we feel and we imprison ourselves from the all.

So let me ask you, who are you now? Don’t sugar coat it, don’t justify, rationalize or screen it.

Stop and really own it. Inhale it, exhale it and live it.

Allow the totality of your all to surface. Be still in it.

The questions are really mental distractions.

The path will unfold before you? Try again, you are the path unfolding.

Know thyself’

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