Intuitive Transformation

Remembrance is not about creating a god/desS outside of you

it is about experiencing that you are one with creator/iX

The truth of this is seldom understood but in truth we seldom understand ourselves. Awareness is key.  Discover your inner realm, discover your divine source and gracefully surrender to the magiK that is your very existence. Become whole again by remembering who you truly are through sacred exploration. You are intuitively met with a myriad of sacred tools that include but are not limited to Kundalini yoga and Meditation, Energetic Healing, Light Language Healing, Shadow Work, Ancestral Clearing, Womb Activation & Cosmic Coding.

You are intuitively met with a myriad of sacred tools that include but are not limited to Kundalini yoga and Meditation, Energetic Healing, Light Language Healing, Shadow Work, Ancestral Clearing, Womb Activation & Cosmic Coding.

Feminine Magik


Divine wombyn,  we are the givers of life, the nurturers, those who weave love into existence. We are the ones meant to breathe life into a new way of being that is much needed on this planet. We must embrace our innate power, understand our worth, the magiK that courses through our bodies so that we may grow in harmony with ourselves and with our partners to furthermore bring balance to Gaia Ma. This has been written, indeed it is our time. In reverence to the goddess, source creatrix, to the cosmic womb that is the birth canal of all that is; I invite you to discover her power within you!

Kundalini Magik


Kundalini yoga is a healing and transformative technology that was brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan; it is in many ways the mother of all yoga as it incorporates multiple facets such as yogic postures, breathing, mantras and meditation. 


Kundalini yoga is designed to assist humanity in the transition towards the Aquarian age; to provide a means to cope and to survive the troubled state of the world. Kundalini yoga if practiced on a consistent basis will help the individual transcend the state of duality that causes disease not just on a physical level, but also in the emotional and spiritual realms. 


It is known that the Piscean age set the stage for fear, insecurity, aggression, depression and overall chaos.  Although this is true, it has also set the stage for a new beginning that can only rise from the destruction of a system that no longer serves humanity. The Aquarian age also known as the Golden age is what the planet is giving birth to after such intense labor pains. It is an opportunity for humanity to turn back to the SELF, to its divinity, to a state of peace and love.

Cosmic Magik


Remembrance is meant for all sentient beings.  As incarnates here on EarthA, everyone indeed is made of the stars as well as of the earth. Yet, there are those who are here as sacred guests and serve as luminaries. These multi – dimensional individuals are often coined as star seeds or crystal beings who originate from distant solar systems, planets, and galaxies. They are highly evolved souls who carry a plethora of innate wisdom, special abilities and higher dimensional frequencies all encoded in their DNA. More often than not, these beings are asleep to their ancient knowing yet feel foreign to the way of this world.  They are indeed often misunderstood and are in need of unique support.  They are here on sacred mission and are encoded with specific keys meant to be unlocked in service to the whole. These sessions work on a very subtle energetic level; they are intended as activators for those who are being called to explore and remember their cosmic origins. Know that in a multi-dimensional perspective it is not about what you know; it is instead about who you truly ARE.  |  Tel: 1 (347) 967-2440

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