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One to One Sessions


8 Sessions minimum.

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Chakra Rainbow Series

Gain a richer understanding of the 7 primary energy vortexes in your body with this powerful chakra clearing, healing, activating Kundalini Yoga Series. 7 sessions.

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Women Practicing Yoga

10 Body Tune Up Series

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Most of us are aware of the physical body as the vehicle for this experience; however there are actually nine more vehicles all of which have their own quality and function. In this series you will gain awareness and activate the 10 bodies so that you can maximize your potential and power.  10 sessions.

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The womb is the beginning of all that is. It is the caldron that creates life. The trauma, the pain, the sorrow that our planet stores collectively can be healed through the clearing of each individual womb. Healing and activation awaits as your journey into the magiKal realm that is your womb. In this sacred pilgrimage, I offer a myriad of tools uniquely guided to your specific needs.

90 minutes session.

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Ancient De-Coding


Remembrance is meant for all sentient beings.  As incarnates here on EarthA, everyone indeed is made of the stars as well as of the earth. Yet, there are those who are here as sacred guests and serve as luminaries. These multi – dimensional individuals are often coined as star seeds or crystal beings who originate from distant solar systems, planets, and galaxies. They are highly evolved souls who carry a plethora of innate wisdom, special abilities and higher dimensional frequencies all encoded in their DNA. More often than not, these beings are asleep to their ancient knowing yet feel foreign to the way of this world.  They are indeed often misunderstood and are in need of unique support.  They are here on sacred mission and are encoded with specific keys meant to be unlocked in service to the whole. These sessions work on a very subtle energetic level; they are intended as activators for those who are being called to explore and remember their cosmic origins. Know that in a multi-dimensional perspective it is not about what you know; it is instead about who you truly ARE.

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Ascension Guide Package


This package is for the avid seeker, the advanced soul, the one who intuitively knows that there is so much more. It is designed with the intention to support you while exploring ascension and the dismantling of illusion.  As an ancient being, I know too well the trials of the spiritual journey.  As euphoric as remembrance can be, it is in truth met with strenuous and rather complex initiations. My heart felt intention is to offer guidance that empowers you to trust as you experience the rather startling luminosity of your inner wealth. 


1 In person Intuitive Healing Session

2 Virtual Intuitive Therapy Sessions


In between sessions, you will have counseling access to me via text and e-mail while navigating your sacred experiences. You will be provided with a specific Kundalini yoga meditation to support your process, oracle/pendulum readings will be provided as well as a myriad of additional materials and information based on your individual needs.

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Luminous Magik, Intuitive Energy Healing sessions are not intended to replace any existing medical, psychological, nutritional or other health protocols that you are currently observing. Instead, these sessions are meant to supplement your current health practices.


I, Ishtar Gonzalez, am not a Medical Doctor.  Any sessions I have with you are not intended to diagnose, treat, alleviate, cure, or prevent any medical, psychological, or nutritional condition, disease, or disorder.  My work is not a substitute for effective standard medical treatment.  You are advised to continue ongoing medical treatment and therapies until otherwise advised by your physician or medical practitioner.  Your use of this site indicates your agreement of understanding this disclaimer and are bound by that agreement.


For any medical problems, please see your primary care physician.


Please understand that the scheduled time of your appointment was solely reserved for you. If cancellations or rescheduling are needed please inform me 72 hours prior to your appointment time otherwise you are still responsible for payment. If you cancel your appointment prior to the 72-hour grace period, another appointment will be scheduled for you. All payments, once made, are non-transferable and non-refundable. Your payment is your contract for the agreed upon sessions. Please plan carefully to avoid disappointment.

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