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Intuitive Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy Sessions Encoded In Light

We are often engaging in life through the means that we have been taught by all of those who have come before us.  Life has become a perpetual cycle where bliss, peace, harmony, and all of the other facets that make life worth living seem to escape us more and more.  Instead, we are trapped in depression, anxiety, distrust, judgment and more often than not our physical temples are suffering.  Collectively, a shift in perception is needed. This starts with the individual.  In truth, no one should ever claim to know all the answers and I don’t.  However, I will indeed claim that true guidance will always call you inward. You are the center of your universe. If you do not have self –awareness; if you do not bask in your own love, if you are running on autopilot and have no INNERstanding-  the world around you will reflect this. Your life is your classroom it is perfectly woven to bring you back to you. No exceptions. Take the time to be in relationship with self and know that all else will follow.

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